Content Writing

This service provides written content for online and print magazines, news outlets, blogs, websites, speeches and academic purposes.



This service provides editorial services for all written content (includes existing content and AAPI content).



This service provides broadcasting services such as audio, online, and video interviews, expos, and all corresponding content.

Web Mastery


Website Creation

This service provides a client with a customized company website.


Web Design

This service provides customized templates, images, and plugins for a website.


Website Revamp

This service provides an existing website with a breath of fresh air. The website will be redesigned and revised to the liking of the client.


SEO Services

This service provides the client with the necessary services to guarantee better search engine results.


Image Repair

This service provides image revisions and editing such as photoshopping, redefining, sharpening, and photography.



Social Media Manager

This service provides social media profile managing (content writing and uploading, marketing and building a fan base).


Web Manager

Includes website managing which includes but not limited to content upload, periodic website maintenance, programming, plug-ins and SEO services.


Event Manager

Includes event planning and managing services such as promotional events, fundraising events, and various projects that require in person shindigs.


Promotional Manager

Includes managerial duties for company promotional services such as promotional ads, events, and campaigns.


Marketing Manager

Includes developing strategic plans to attract a specific target audience.



Website Consultation

Includes website consults to allow for the maximum success within the target audience.


SEO Consultation

Includes SEO consulting for the best search engine optimization results for the company website.


Business Consultation

Includes marketing, promotion, and website consulting.


Image Consultation

Includes image consulting to optimize the best results.


Content Consultation

Includes content consulting for the best material for a specific audience.