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          Doxygen Media Inc.  (2017)

The Men of New Edition Are Back!

A Day Without A Woman Strike

Suge Knight Hospitalized Again While In Police Custody

Mary J Blige Announces the Release of Her 13th Studio Album

BET Presents New Death Row Records Documentary Series


          Blende Magazine (2013 – 2014)

Chris Can’t Commit!

Jahi Finds New Home

Temperatures Breaking Records This Winter

Jeezy Arrested for Old Threats

RIP to Avonte Oquendo

$400 Led to Gang Rape

That Killer Lean

Thailand’s Revolution

K.Michelle At the Top of Her Game!

Miley’s Tip for Justin

George Zimmerman: The “Next” Mike Tyson?

$10.10 Just Changed The Scoreboard Across The Nation!

Kim Finally Expecting!

Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Love & Hip Hop In Shambles

Rest In Peace MB


Magazine  Articles

          Blende Magazine Issue 3 (2013- 2014)

CorJ Cox Article Blende Magazine Issue 3

          Blende Magazine Issue 2 (2012 – 2013)

Emmanuel Green Interview Blende Magazine Issue 2


Digital Advertisement 

          Blende Magazine Issue 2 (2014)

RichRoy Apparel Ad Blende Mag Issue 2 


Blende Magazine Issue 2 (2014)

STS Clothing Ad Blende Magazine Issue 2





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