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Good Evening guys,


As many of you know, I have been dealing with the death of my partner, Marc. Shortly after his death, we were hit with his birthday and then COVID-19 and then my birthday. In the span of three months, not only has the lives of the Pink family members changed, so has the lives of many of our clients and many of the people that we know and interact with on a daily basis.

For this occurrence, I would like to take this time out to apologize in advance for anyone negatively affected by this outbreak. Due to this outbreak, AAPI has implemented new policies and practices. Please see below to gain more information about the new policies.


  • AAPI has indefinitely banned any face-to-face meetings and will enforce this new policy by all means.
  • Company refund policies have been changed to ensure that refunds can be made for any client contracts that have not been fulfilled and will not be fulfilled due to the social distancing requirements intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  • No developers or freelancers are required to continue working on contacts were the client is requiring physical contact.
  • Client’s requiring contact, even with social distancing being implemented, will have their contract immediately terminated. Refunds will not be honored in this instance and only in this instance.
  • No events are being planned.
  • No events will be attended.
  • All employees will continue to be paid.




The Pink family ended 2019 in the worse way possible. In early December, Angel and her daughter lost the pillar to their family, Marc, the love of  Angel’s life.

Prior to his death, Angel and Marc had planned to get married after getting engaged and were planning a fairy tale wedding. With his death, those plans have been cancelled but the memory of Marc is something that will never be forgotten.

Marc was a Air Force serviceman pursing a medical degree and died at the tender age of 22: mere weeks before his 23rd birthday.  He was the sweetest guy that any one could have ever known and was extremely generous with those individuals within his circle. He was kind and gentle with his daughter, Skylar and he protected those he knew and loved just as much as he protected the citizens of the United States of America.

He will be missed by his immediate family, his friends and peers and more importantly by the members of his small but growing family.


Good Afternoon guys,

As per the request of Angel, AAPI’s C.E.O., the company’s website will display events, projects, and any pressing news for website visitors to view. This information will strictly be information as it pertains to AAPI. Hope you guys will enjoy the posts.

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