End of Spring 2020

And with the end of my first year at John Jay College: I’ve realized a lot. I’ve completed another semester and have come one step closer to my goals. I’ve maintained my perfect GPA and I’ve made more friendships.

My network has grown to now include politicians, doctors: both medical and not, judges and lawyers. I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to speak at multiple events and been the center of various projects.

This semester started with my family and I in shambles. As many of you remember, I’d lost Marc: WE lost Marc. Most people who know me personally, know that I struggle each day with the memories that I have of him. But no time for sadness, he wouldn’t want that.

The end of Spring 2020 at John Jay also means that my undergraduate research study has concluded. Unfortunately, I was offered the opportunity to continue my research into my 2nd and final year. And while I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, I have declined to accept the invitation.

This research has provided me with insight into a system that isn’t designed for an individual such as myself. An individual who is BLACK. An individual who identifies as a WOMAN. An individual who would ever believe that they DESERVED the right to aspire and dream big.

With that being said, my dreams have grown in these last four months. I’ve gone from being a Security Management major and Cybercrimes minor to an undergraduate student with TWO minors now. The latest addition to my long list of aspirations now include: a Homeland Security minor.

Moving on from academia, I have also decided that I will be spending more time committed to the investments I provide to my community. This will include actively finding even more outreach sites in my community in need of volunteers and project collaborations. With quarantines across the globe, many of my public service engagements have struggled with ways to continue providing for the communities they serve. However, these are only momentary setbacks.

With that being said, a couple of projects are in the works. I have also decided that 2020, I will be dedicated to my social media accounts and my blog page part of the website. This page of my website will feed directly into my LinkedIn.

On cheerier notes, my LSAT exam is coming up. As many of you know, I’ve been studying for my LSAT since last year and now, as the time approaches, I have really buckled down and decided to hone in on my weaknesses to ensure that I am providing myself the greatest advantage ! Wish me luck and resilience!

The board of blog ideas, from years ago when it was entitled, ‘Angel’s Thoughts’ are still available so I’ve decided that I will restart providing weekly content for all subscribers to the blog !



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