State of Emergency!

The nation is in a state of confusion; when a woman can step up and speak out against her abuser and/or her attacker and still be ridiculed: we have failed. Dr. Ford represents a nation, a group of individuals whose darkest secrets are never brought to light and just by chance that they are shown to the world, the backlash that is received.

When a POTUS, can publicly call a victim a liar, whether that is the case or not, we have failed. When the Supreme Court and the FBI can not put forth enough effort to seize the voting of such a creature into such a prestigious position, then we have yet again failed. We as a nation have fallen swiftly from grace and although this has been in the making for decades, recent events have provided exceptional evidence towards said facts.

As a watch Bill Cosby serve time for sexually assaulting sixty women and Harvey Weinstein sentenced to nothing more than a slap on the wrist: we have to open our eyes and see where this nation is headed. Harvey Weinstein is the moving force behind the #MeToo movement because of the multitude of victims he had over the years. As the months tick by, we see more and more inflectional individuals are being called out on their sexual misconduct and many of them face no serious consequence.

People are claiming that this is the result of racism, ignorance and millennial’s not voting. While those reasons may be true, the bigger issue is that whether voting is occurring or not, rape culture is something that has been ignored for far to long. Hillary Clinton won the major vote and still fell short when it came to the electoral votes required to hold the POTUS position. Racism is something that can be changed because it is something that we don’t possess when we are born and brought into the world. As a grow older, we are taught or we start to believe in the methodologies that racism is built upon and then we pass it down to the people far and near to us.

We as a people have allowed this to happen. Take a look around, we have the United States president openly supporting an accused rapist while saying that the victim is credible. We have intelligence agencies gathering evidence but not making arrests or pursuing justices, regardless of statutes and limitations. We have a nation ripping to shreds, the identity of a woman whom may or may not have been a victim, but is speaking out none the less.

As a woman, it is terrifying to see what this nation will do to a woman who musters up the courage to face her abuser and the way so many would mock the one thing that would theoretically bring so much emotion and hardship to her life, both personally and professionally. This isn’t about Dr. Ford essentially. This is about the millions of women she represents and the voice she has given women, men and children around the globe. Why no one seems to understand that is mind-boggling!


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