The Fall of 2018

Sadly, the fall has come so soon; sometimes, it seems as though the time moves away from us without any warning. For myself, I become flustered and a bit upset when I pick my head up out of my work to find that an hour has gone. It seems as though that hour goes by so quickly and before long, it seems as though an hour turns into an entire day and before long, that day has become a week. That week manifests into an entire month and then one little month has become a year and then five years and before long, your entire life has disappeared without having done what you truly dreamed of doing and being who you wished to become.

As for me, I am working on my flaws and my plans everyday. I do have a lot of downfalls and a small support team but I do have the best people in my life professionally and personally. As for AAPI, we have been maintaining at an unprecedented rate.

In September, I graduated with my first degree which should tell you how young I am but I will be moving on to another degree in the Spring of 2019. Thank you for those of you, near and far, that check in on me, my business and my family. Everyone happens to be doing well; which wasn’t the case when the year started. We are progressing towards the end of 2018, and I must acknowledge my growth as a woman, a mother, a businesswoman, a student and as a mentor. It has been wonderful and again, thank you to everyone who has been apart of the journey.

I am currently working on a project dedicated to domestic violence victims and the people surrounding that population. I hope that you guys will continue to check back on the movement.

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