AAPI Hiatus ENDS !

Welcome Back Now Get Back to Work

I would like to start this piece off by saying thank you to everyone who has stood by my family and me, as we move through the personal events that have plagued our family. I would like to follow that statement up by saying I would like to apologize for my absence as I had a few things to deal with such as family deaths and the maintaining of the emotional powerhouse as my family has moved through this difficult time.

Besides family deaths, there has been the everyday dealings of life and a new addition to the Pink family but all of that will be discussed at another time. In my absence, the AAPI team has been amazing and continued the client relations that I hold true and dear to my heart.

Thank you to the clients that didn’t leave the roster and the few that called to check in with my family and I as we adjusted to the changes and dealt with the grief the events within the last few months have brought. The love and support have been overwhelming and has allowed me the strength to return. In other words, the CEO has made her debut!

I look forward to working with each and every one of my clients one on one again and implementing many of the new ideas that the partners at AAPI have thrown at me during my hiatus! Let’s get to work!

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