So it’s no secret that I’m a woman of color and with so many debates happening all over the globe: I sometimes get lost in the shuffle. 

But I’m in love with everything that the “Black Girl Magic” represents! How could I not be? 

For someone who has had a complex about her roots almost her entire life: it seemed almost unrealistic that I would be able to relate so closely with something of this magnitude. 

For many women, #BlackGirlMagic is more than just a series of words, more than just a twitter hashtag, and more than just a group of females who happen to be African American: IT IS A WAY OF LIFE, and I couldn’t agree more! 

Black girl magic is something that I see more and more within the black community. Young girls are accepting their African roots, embracing their “black” features and embodying everything that we have become accustomed to being ridiculed about. Black women are aspiring to being more than just “dark-skinned”, “light-skinned”, “big booties” and “nappy-headed”. 

Instead, we have become #MelaninQueens and #BeautifullyMelanin. 

I’ve never been one to speak on social media conversity or partake in all of the hashtag games but I found this one to be expectional! 

With the rise of the #TwerkQueens and #BadBitches, it seemed as though many young princesses weren’t on their way to becoming the queens the previous generations hoped they would be. Instead we were graced with: friends killing friends, families being destroyed by ignorance and self-respect being a foreign concept. 

This melanin era has somewhat changed the path and now there appears to be more QUEENS popping out of the woodworks. WOMEN who KNOW their self-worth and appreciate their heritage whether African or not. Women who see the beauty in all shades and sizes and mothers who are better equipped to raise the next generation of #Queens. 

During my pregnancy, my biggest thing was bringing my daughter into a world where there would be no peace, a world where she would be sexualized way before she knew what sex was, a world where she would be judged by the color of her skin but not by the content of her character but as we usher into this new era: I see a little hope for the next generation. 

Today, I see education of oppression being taught even if not through the mainstream education department. I am fortunate to witness the changing times and know that my daughter will experience the rise of everything women of color represent! 

We are strong, beautiful and smart regardless of the path life takes us down and no matter the conditions enstilled deep within us. 

Black Girl Magic is more than a hashtag I add to my Instagram photos or my profile bio, it’s apart of who I am. Each and every day, I provide the essence of everything that Black Girl Magic is; I push through even when I don’t know where I will find the strength, I look over both my shoulders understanding that only I can provide the safety I require and I teach myself everything that has been refused to me. I work three times as hard because I am a woman, I am young and I am Black but I still don’t give up because I know the magic that works up inside of me. 

I know the struggles that come with a magic so strong many can’t comprehend. The pain that comes with a love so strong it hurts. The anger that comes with a soul beyond defeat. Black girl magic is to me what the fairy dust is to Tinkerbell! 

Many people ask me why do you wear your head coverings? Why are you natural? Many people are shocked when I proclaim that I am not Muslim or African but that it is my preference to wear my hair wrapped up in an African head wrap. 

Yes, I am young so I could get my eyebrows waxed and my eyelash extensions with my nails done and this seasons wardrobe. But I look so much better natural with everything my ancestors have provided me with; why change it? 

Why not learn about the history behind head wraps or become knowledgeable on the facts of human origin. I represent more than a statistic so why not display that simple fact. I have more to offer the world than just my “nappy” hair, my full lips and wide hips. I’ve already proven that I’m more than what meets the eye because I am already #BlackGirlMagic ….


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