A Mother’s Wish

Hello Ladies,

As I started to blog again, I wasn’t completely sure what I would blog about because just like before: I was a bit clueless. I was conflicted on whether I would write about being a New Yorker, a college student, a Domestic Violence survivor, a mother, a sexual assault survivor, my rainbow baby, relationship issues or any of the plethora of things that make up who I am as a woman.

Ultimately, I decided that I would write about all of them whenever I got the urge to. Why ? Because I am a woman, a woman who has overcome each and every one of those obstacles and have celebrated all of my failures and accomplishments the same. But more than that, not many women stick to just one topic so why should I ? LOL.

As a mother there will be a lot of experiences I wish my daughter will not have to be subjected to. As a new age mother, in the technological era, I wish that there was a way for me to comfort them from the damage of cyber-bullying or the evils that lurk deep within the depths of our dearest friends. I wish there was a way for me to let them know which one of their “friends” won’t have their best at heart or why their first crush might not like them as much as they like my angel.

As a mother, my wish is that I can protect my children from the innocence that I know the world will snatch from them. Although it is my biggest fear, it will also be my biggest failure because I already know that I can’t be on the defense for each and every traumatic experience nor can I shelter them from any of the hardship that is coming. I know that my children will have to experience all the cruelties of this world whether they are prepared or not.

My best hope is that I can provide a safe haven for them; a place where they knows that we can be confidants for each other, a bond that they know could never be broken regardless of what’s done to them or what they does.

Many people have told me that my mentality will create a self-entitled demon spawn who will never want to work for anything but rather feel as though the world owes them: and to those people, I say, “So what?”. Regardless of what I say, what I do or how I feel: someone will not agree with how I chose to raise my children but I will always know that I tried my best and that even without a hand manual: my children are still loved and protected.

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