Welcome to Angels’ Thoughts!

Hey guys,

Chances are that if you landed on this page: you’ve reached my blog.

For those of you who know me and have supported my brand from the very beginning: thank you so much!

For those of you who have recently provided your support: thank you as well. Here’s a little about me!

My name is Angel and currently I am a New York City resident, which changes frequently enough. I am the mother of an eleven month old little girl named Skylar.  I love ice skating. children and food (the correct term being “foodie”).

I started writing in the third grade as a Brooklyn student from East New York; by sixth grade, I morphed into a poet, author and content writer for blogs. By ninth grade, I received my first print publication in a web magazine. The publication owner took an interest in my desire to be more and my push to learn more and I became his protege. He taught me everything he knew about writing, blogging, web creating and web managing.

Almost seven years later, I have mastered writing, website building, web design, web development, social media managing, web managing, content writing, copy-editing, promoting and marketing. Getting here wasn’t easy although nothing worth having usually is.

After discontinuing my previous blog site: I have decided to incorporate my newest blog into my website as a way for my fans to get a closer look into my thoughts faster. With that, I present “Angels’ Thoughts”.

Angels’ Thoughts is dedicated to providing an interactive forum for fans to debate various topics. Many bloggers have a very specific topic in mind when starting their blogs and usually their ideas are revamped but with this blog: I would like to be very open in regards to my opinions on EVERYTHING !

Each post will be different and my perspective isn’t always the same! I hope as time goes on we can become friends.



P.S.: Don’t forget to look out for my next blog post!


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